Proposals towards TC meeting Treviso 2019

Hello my friends,

As stated in the Rulebook, all proposals to the Technical Committee meeting have to be sent in 8 weeks before the start of the un coming World Championship. So there are the proposals that i received in order as i got them. Please read them carefully, discus them and form your opinion, so that at the TC meeting we can decide on them. The 8 weeks are there so that everyone has a chance to study, negotiate and decide on those proposals, the TC meeting is there to decide on them.

Happy reading,


Proposal from Ukrania to TC 2019 Proposal from Hugary to TC 2019 Proposal from Belgium to TC 2019 BG proposal Proposal from France to TC 2019 Polish proposal to Naviga 2019 POL-ENG Proposal from Roumania to TC 2019thaiproposals Proposal SektionM 2019 GermanyProposal Russia TC 2019

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