Accuracy test for limiters


As you know, a system was discussed in collaboration with the different Limiter manufactors and knowledgeable people from different countries. The system is no working to perfection and i can tell you my finding on the different test i have done. So far i can only conclude that all the Limiters from the different manufactors are well within the preset accuracy of +/- 1%.
I have done several tests now, both on a smaller Energy level (2Wh or 120 Wmin) and on a full limit of 21Wh or 1260Wmin. As you will know, the longer the test, the more accurate the result, and this shows especially in the case of the MDLE-4. Hereby i have to add that for the MDLE-4, i am talking about software version 1.11. The initial ones (software version 1.1) does not meet the requirement according to testing.
Here are the figures for the different types of limiters:

E-Lim; first test on 120Wmin: according to calculation of test results : 120.2393Wmin or 100.199%
test 2 119.3743Wmin or 99.47%
test 3 120.4517Wmin or 100.77%
E lim test on 1260Wmin 1256,1435Wmin or 99.69%

KLW 202 (standard version) on 120Wmin 120,5428Wmin or 100,45%
KLW 202 (mini version) on 120Wmin 119,3545Wmin or 99,46%

MDLE-4 (1.11 software) test 1 on 120Wmin 122,3941Wmin or 101.99%
test 2 125,6316Wmin or 104,693%
test 3 118,8384Wmin or 99,02%
MDLE-4 (1.11 software) on 1260Wmin 1263,039 or 100,24%

I think this is more than accurate enough for us, no?????
Off course more tests must and will be done over the next time, then the next step is to set or to make a standard procedure as to the values at which the test should be done.

As always, your input in this is more then welcome, and if there are any questions, please ask.

Also, my dear National M class leaders, do not forget the date for sending in any proposals to be decided on at the next Technical Committee Meeting. All proposals must be sent in by the end of this month.

Geens Walter
Naviga M section leader

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