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Hello my friends, National M section leaders,

Thank you all for the replies, in total i received 13 replies out of a total of 19 countries. 1 country never got the info because of only since saturday last i received the correct list of affiliated countries!
After counting all the votes a majority of 10 countries voted to keep the Energy levels as they are now against 3 countries who voted to reduce the Energy Levels. I think it is indeed the best solution to not change the levels again in order to have stability.
So as of 01/01/2020 the following Energy levels will be implemented
Mini classes: 21 Wh (choice between weighted batteries or limiter use)
Eco, M1, H1: 60Wh ( limiter use mandatory)
M2, H2: 120 Wh (limiter mandatory)
FSR-E: 180Wh (limiter mandatory)

Now for the part of “single limiter type to be used”, i think the most fair solution not to favor any brand or manufacturer would be to use each type to one specific Energy level. In other words, and as example: Use E lim for 60Wh, use KLW for 120Wh and TSS for 180Wh.
This way no manufacturer will have the monopoly that would for sure kill the other brands.

by almost unanimous decision as per 01/01/2020 there will be no more turning back for a missed buoy in all Eco classes (mini and team included) and FSR-E. For every missed buoy there will be a 1 lap penalty, even for the first missed buoy.

Since i am stepping down as M section leader, this might very well be my last e mail in this function but please remember we are still looking for a new M section leader.


Geens Walter
Naviga President

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