Change in entry rules for M-EC 2022 Bucharest

Dear M Section Racers,

Upon our asking, NAVIGA Presidium has changed the the maximum number of 5 attendees per country rule for this occasion. The entry rule for now is that, as many racers can attend from one member country as can be. To keep the Open EC an EC though, according to the General Competition Rules, only the first 5 from the same country can be nominated in the final. (6 in case the reigning European Champion is amongst them.) Same goes to the team classes: only one per country, but 2 if the reigning E-Champion is amogst.)
So my friends, please fill out your Entry Forms and send your registrations!

The deadline for entry is 15 July, a bit extended for you to be in time. – But please don’t wait till the last minutes!

Thank you for your attention, see you at the event!


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