Last call for registration E and M Sections WC!

My dear friends,

Only a few hours remained till the deadline of registrations for E and M Sections WC in Slovakia.
Some countries still did not managed to send in their registrations. It would be a pity missing the event just because being late. So hurry up, we want to meet you at the race track!

Also let me remind you, that all proposals must arrive 8 weeks before WC so 14. June at latest.
You will have 8 weeks then to discuss the proposals and decide your votes. At the TC we will decide by voting, not discuss. Time is short and the decision should not be made by the few people who are actually takes part, but the whole community. That’s why I ask you to discuss the suggestions together at home.

One more point we have to do at the TC. Please do not forget: Time of the TC is the time to elect the Section Leader in Section M. Hereby I announce, if you trust me and still want me, I would carry on with this work. Of course if you think, someone could and would serve the interest of the section better, I’m happy to step down and give all help I am able to to the new Section Leader. 🙂

Kind regards and see you at the WC!


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