Section M World Championship 2023

My dear friends,

I have the pleasure to announce the main event in Section M of the next year, the World Championship in Slovakia! You can download and check the invitation clicking here.
As it was prooven in Romania, with some friendly help from the racers of other countries it is much easier to organise an event, so I would ask you to do the same this time again. I hope many more people will attend and wish you great results!

See you there!


Csaba Dánielfy
Section Leader

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  • Dear naviga
    Im invited by mi mondeling club to atend
    De wk in Slowakije
    But i heard that my boat has to be build a sertain wat but im having a hard time vinding what i need
    Like do i nee mi one limiter and if not what are the specs about connector and somekind
    Witch props are alowd and witch not

    Mi klasses are mon1,mono2,hydro1

    • Hi Germanus,

      First of all it needs to be established wether your modelling club is affiliated to the National Federation in your country, otherwise it is not possible to attend official Naviga races. Please write me an e mail (in your own language is ok for me) explaining what excactly you need to know. My e mail is

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