Dear all,
After discussing and reading comments made by you, certain parts in the Rulebook are not clear or explicit enough. There fore the following correction(s) are to be observed:

1) The part of the hull color has been altered to the following text:

At least 33% of the top and bottom of the boat must be a bright colour. Next, it is advisable to use fluorescent colors for that 1/3 part to improve visibility. Nowhere it is written or said that the contrasting color has to be painted, adhesive strips are perfectly acceptable as long as they make a good contrast to the rest of the boat. Those who like the “carbon” look of their boats should well consider that if there is no really bright (at least 1/3rd) colored contrast to the rest of your boat, it will not be allowed to participate!

2) Boats equiped with an Energy limiter that have reached the pre set limit will slow down over a 5 second ramp down time. Should they however ramp down just before the finish line, they can cross the line and move outside the raceline. Should by some reason this occur so early in the race that the “dead time” of 60 seconds passes before the race is over they CANNOT continue. This can easily be checked at the race control after the race and leads to DSQ for that heat. In simple terms, if someone goes over the limit at 4.30 minutes into the race, the “dead time” will be till 5.30 min into the race. At that point the limiter will switch on again, but only to come back to the platform after the race is declared over, restarting and trying to add laps will lead to dsq.

3) a clarification in regard to the following text is needed too: Splitting up the total number of batteries into separate battery packs is only allowed when using NiMh or LiFePo batteries.

This does not mean that the allowed max 43V of LiPo batteries has to be 1 block! for example 3 sets of 3S or even 5 sets of 2S batteries or whatever other configuration that does not exceed 43V and 855grams are perfectly allowed, as long as they are all together in the boat during the whole race. In the old days several people opted to race FSR-E with 3 packs of 7 NiCd or NiMh and (quick) change them during the race. This changing of batteries is however not allowed when using Lipo batteries.

I hope these clarifications are clear now, and if not do not hesitate to say so.


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