Technical Committee Meeting WC 2019

As decided at the TC Meeting of August 7th 2019 in Treviso, Italy by 11 votes in favor (12 if we include France who unfortunately were not present at meeting) against 4 and 1 abstention, we will from now on use limiters only with exception of the mini classes (will be decided at later stage). In that view all types (including the latest version of the TSS limiter) that are currently on the market are accepted for National and International Races sanctioned by Naviga. The full report of the TC meeting has been presented to all National Team leaders, but are included here too.

Scan 8 Aug 2019 at 18.21

Extra info in regard to Limiter use at the WC:

Time for some figures in regard to the last WC:
In total 248 people participated with 518 boats registered (not including the Team boats). In total 171 limiters were registered, divided in: 76 E lim, 72 KLW, 17 MDLE-4 and 6 TSS limiters. 171 registered limiters were registered to 89 individuals (several people have more then 1 limiter in use) but also knowing that i made about 70 class changes for people who use the limiter in more then 1 class, and 79 boats of the 518 registered boats do not use a limiter (F1 and F3 classes) than the conclusion is that for the first highest level competition almost half the boats (even slightly more than half) were equipped with a limiter. Hence off course the decision to go that way only in the future. A massive thanks to all who showed the trust and vison to go that route!
Not a single case of ‘trying to cheat the system’ took place, all seals were intact at all times, and all values remained correct at all times. Now off course comes the time to fine tune the check up system so that by the next big event the procedure of checking and sealing becomes a routine, and rules out any form of cheating to give everybody the same fighting chance!




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