Last race of the season in Hungary

Kanizsa “Kohézió” Cup 2023.10.21-22

International Open competition for „M” section classes.

Goal oof the competition: Racing, training, making friendship

The competition is part of the Hungarian National Cup.

Categories: Mini ECO Expert, ECO Expert, Mini Hydro, Hydro-1, Mini MONO, MONO-1, MONO-2.

Location: Nagykanizsa Csónakázó-lake

GP :


Organizer: dr. Lekszikov Gábor, Canissa Modelling Assosiation

Judges: dr. Lekszikov Gábor (Naviga A), Lekszikov Zsolt (Naviga A) , Dánielfy Csaba (Naviga CJ)

Rules: Naviga Competition rules 2022.01.01.

Lapcount: Mylaps/AMB Mylaps Rc4 (used at WC, Slovakia).

Depending on the weater conditions, we would orgainze 2 or 3 runs on Saturday, on Sunday we will make 2 runs. Two of the best runs result gives the final result.

Entry at the link:

Entry Deadline: 19.10. 2023 24:00

Entry fee per classes

Adults: 4000,- HUF /10,- EUR,

Junior: 2000,-Ft/ 5,-EUR

Protest: Naviga Rules. Protest Fee 5000,- Ft.

Registration: 2022.10.21 from 08:00 till 09:00

Opening Ceremony 9:30-kor.

First runs at 10:00h Saturday

09:00 Sunday

Accomodation : If You need help, please write me:

220V at the lake is available.

dr. Lekszikov Gábor



46°26’46.7″N 17°02’12.8″


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