End Results WC-2023 Slovakia

My Friends,

After a long week, when we had sunny days and some rainfall and windstorm, after even sliding in the mud for several days, we finally have the end results, that I can present you. But first let me mention, that I never got so much help from the racers and friends, than in this case after the stormy night. Well, cleaning the F1 pontoon from a big tree, that fell on it, needs a lot of helping hands, and there were a LOT! From many countries. Racers from all nations that were there helped, even the visitors! Only that common work could make the race go on in such an extremly short time, and I have to admit, without you guys, the organizer team would have been in a big trouble that morning. Digging the trench to drain the water fom the pit area, was just the same. Thank you so much for it. That morning showed to me, that you are not only the best competitors from the attending countries, but we are friends, who help each other in need, without questioning, without waiting to be asked. I cannot say anything else, just Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  And there were not any case when I asked anything from anybody, it would have been refused. I always got help from you. So I can say now, WE made this World Championship, together.
It was a great honour to me, to meet you at the WC in Slovakia. 

Ok, now you can see the end results here.

– And don’t forget, we are waiting for candidates to organize the next Continental Championsip! 

Csaba Dánielfy
M Section Leader

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  • Hallo Csaba, hallo Walter, hallo allen Helfern und Organisatoren!

    Wir können uns der Meinung von Csaba nur anschließen.
    Diese Weltmeisterschaft war eine ganz besondere und wir werden sie lange als einen außergewöhnlichen Wettbewerb in sehr guter Erinnerung behalten. Der Zusammenhalt Aller war absolut Klasse, alle zogen an einem Strang. Das war Völkerverständigung pur und wir hoffen, dass die Sportwelt sich in naher Zukunft wieder ohne Ausschluss von Sportlern im friedlichen Wettbewerb zusammenfinden wird. Ein besonderer Dank geht an die Stimme im Hintergrund-Martha!!!

    Hertliche Grüße an Alle und bleibt gesund.
    Wir treffen uns bald wieder.

    Ulrich Krieger (Ulli) und Annegret Löblich (Anne) aus Deutschland

    Hello Csaba, hello Walter, hello to all helpers and organizers!

    We can only agree with Csaba’s opinion.
    This World Championship was a very special one and we will remember it very fondly as an exceptional competition for a long time. The cohesion of everyone was absolutely great, everyone pulled together. That was pure international understanding and we hope that the sports world will come together again in the near future in peaceful competition without excluding athletes. A special thanks of us goes to the voice in the background – Martha!!!

    Greetings to all and stay healthy.
    We’ll meet again soon.

    Ulrich Krieger (Ulli) and Annegret Löblich (Anne) from Germany

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