Result of voting on connection of mini limiters

My dear friends,
Upon my call, a group of 10 racers was formed and have discussed, and offered you 3 options to vote about the connectors rule for mini limiters. The 3 options were:

– Option 1. – Bullet connectors 3.5mm male on Battery+, 4mm male on ESC+ and 3.5mm female on both Battery- and ESC- terminals.
(In the WhatsApp group at the end of discussions, this solution got 4 votes.)
– option 2. – XT60 male on Battery side, XT60 female on ESC side
(In the WhatsApp group at the end of discussions this solution got 0 votes.)
– option 3. – Racers can use any connector they like, but must provide adaptors at registration that makes it connectable to the testing device.
(In the WhatsApp group at the end of discussions this solution got 4 votes.)

Yesterday at midnight the voting was ended and let me present the the result of the voting:
Voted in favour  OPTION 1 (3.5mm /4mm bullet) :

Voted in favour OPTION 2 (XT60 male/female) :

The following countries voted for OPTION 3 (Any kind of connector allowed, but adaptor to option-1 provided by the racer for testing) :
Czech Republic
Great Britain
Hong Kong

Summarized: 7 votes in favour of OPTION 3 against 6 votes for OPTION 1 and 1 for OPTION 2.
(FYI.: China signalled, that they voted on option 3, but since it not arrived on time, the vote was not counted. -It would have not changed the result anyway.)
Your decision is OPTION 3.
I will edit the rulebook accordingly, that will be published before 01.01.2024.


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