Proposals for rule changes

My dear friends,

Please find on the links below the proposals, that have arrived from member countries. At the TC we will vote, if they will be accepted or refused by majority. I kindly ask you to read them carefully and discuss them, finally make your decisions. It helps your country representant at the Technical Commitee Meeting to vote accordingly.
As you will see, some rule change suggestions are common in different proposals, but there are some, that goes against to another one. So please make your decisions the way, that does not result in contradictory rules to come into effect.  (I mean, the difference in battery weight, for example.) If you are in favour with one, you have to refuse the other one in order the things to be straight. You can read and download the documents by clicking on them.
Belgium, Belgium2, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Thailand1, Thailand2, Thailand3, Thailand4

See you at the WC!

Kind regards,
Csaba Dánielfy

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