addition to the 2018 Battery/Limiter Rules

Hello my friends,

in the transition from the old website to the new Naviga website one correction to the battery Rules was not published here. To avoid confusion , i will hereby rectify this so it becomes clear what the correct procedure towards shrink tube around battery packs is:

In the 2018 Rules it is stated that all packs must have full shrink tube indeed, but after further discussing with people i posted the following on januari 27th:

My friends,
An error on my part has slipped into the 2018 Battery Rules. It was never my intention to make watercooling of individual Lipo cells impossible, therefore the requirement of full shrinktube around the battery packs has to be changed.
That requirement will be taken out of the Rules, but in view of general safety packs must be made in such a way they do not fall appart when taken out of the boat. Meaning, some sort of permanent fixation (strong rubber bands,armoured tape etc) has to make sure the packs do not fall appart when the cooling plates are removed. In plain words: a battery pack without the cooling plates installed MUST still be a solid block in which the individual cells cannot put any strain on the tabs, causing possible rupture of those tabs.

I hope this clears out any possible misunderstanding towards this issue.



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