List of allowed Energy limiters

My friends,


In order to clear up any misunderstanding, the following Energy limiters are and will be allowed for Naviga sanctioned racing. In other words can be used at the up coming World Championship.

In no particular order:

Mlm solutions e-lim

Wozniak RC tech KLW 202 and KLW 203

MM modely MDLE-4

Whatever the future use of any of these devices is concerned will depend on input gathered at future racemeetings and as always will be a democratic decision made by majority.


After long consideration and with experience gathered by testing, i have decided to allow the use of the TSS limiter (made in Russia by Sergey Turnaev ) under certain restrictions. All items used must have frimware version: JUN 23 2019 09:50:21 installed and will be controlled by Judges password (mine off course). All users of a TSS limiter will be required to have it set by my at registration. As is stated in the original post , the further use is a matter of a decision made by all National Teamleaders

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