2017 WC entry form statement

Dear members of the M class

A few words of explanation in regard to the entry form for the 2017 World Championship in Hungary:
The entry forms will be processed online as well as in the old paper form for verification. In order to do so everyone who is wanting to participate at the 2017 M class World Championship must register him/her self on the 2017 WC website:


Before you do, please verify with your National Federation if you are allowed to participate in the class(es) you would like to! Why? Each Country is allowed 5 participants per class (both Juniors as Seniors). The reigning World Champion is NOT included in these 5 participants. In the case the reigning Junior World Champion has become a Senior after the previous World Championship, he/she is also excluded from these 5. So only in this case the total allowed participants per Country and per Class can be 7.

Once you know for sure you can participate in the desired class(es) register on the 2017 WC website and fill out the form.

You will get a confirmation within 48 hrs, and be asked to fill out the actual entry form on which you can register for the by you desired class(es). Next you print this form and have it signed and stamped by your National Federation. Exactly as in the past, the original signed and stamped entry forms are to be brought to the Registration by your National Team leader.

If for some reason you need to change anything on your entry form you can do this up to 15.07.2017. After this date NO changes will be accepted. There will be no “lakeside” entries allowed, nor changes in classes or participants after that date!!

This procedure will make the whole entry procedure a lot easier and more clear for the Hungarian Organizing Committee and for future Organizers.

One more thing about “mixed” teams: As a Rule a team must consist out of all Juniors or all Seniors. If the situation occurs where there are not enough Junior or Senior participants from the same Country to form a team, an exception to this Rule can be made.

Geens Walter
Naviga M section leader

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