President report for 2022:

My dear friends,

As we come to the end of another year it is time to look back on 2022. At the start of the year we all had high hopes that finally life would return to how it was before and indeed, several of the restrictions were slowly lifted due to the high number of vaccination in most countries and we all thought that by summer the whole Covid issue would be a thing of the past. Several events were planned, and things look bright again. Just when we all hoped for a normal year with lots of Championships a deadly conflict started with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
Even when Naviga does not take any political position we just could not ignore this and had to take a very difficult decision in banning both Russia and Belarus from participation in official Naviga events. Let me assure you all once again, this decision is not politicaly inspired. But the risk of possible arguements or even worse fysical confrontation at an event between participants from those countries is under these circumstances just too high to take.
Unfortunatelly this also lead to cancelling planned events in Section A/B (lack of participants) and Section M and NS. Last minute in Section M a solution was found in organizing a European Championship in Roumania. Eventhough time to prepare for such an event was very short, the Championship itself turned out to be a very good event.
In Section FSR-V i can say with some pride that we have made good progress in making this section active again. For years this Section has been neglected but thanks to the help and participation of several people in the section we managed to restart the section in some way. Let’s hope this new start puts the Section back on track like it was before!
For 2023 we managed to find hosts for major championships in some classes, but in order to have a full calendar in all Sections i must urge all Section Leaders of the different sections to keep up the hard work and keep trying to plan such events.

Wishing all of you all the best, and seasonal wishes of peace and joy for the new year, i remain at your disposal

Geens Walter

General secretary report for 2022

Dear all, 

As you know, the Naviga activity is conditioned by the involvement of the member countries, unfortunately the impact of the years of the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine was felt this year as well, the vast majority of the planned competitions were postponed or even cancelled. We are glad that we still succeeded, despite all the difficulties to participate in a M class European championship with a large participation. There were also several open competitions with international participation in the C, M and FSR-V classes. We thank the federations and the people involved in organizing the competitions. we want to believe that next year will be better, that’s why those who want to organize international events should contact us and let’s look for solutions for this together. We are at your disposal at any time, regardless of the communication method.
Thank you for your understanding and let’s hope the world will return to normal soon!
We wish you that the winter holidays bring you health and happiness, the fulfillment of all your wishes and the health of your loved ones. 

Daniel Ciosu


Report Naviga Section M.

Dear Naviga Members, dear Presidium,
After two years of pause, In late July and early August 2022, Section M held EC in Bucharest, Romania. Due to the covid restrictions and the war of Russia against Ukraine, we could only announce it late, but finally we could organise a continent event. We were missing quite a number of countries, mostly from western side of Europe but it still happened to be a good event. As organiser, the Romanian team put huge efforts to make everything ready in a really short time and also got a lot of help from racers of different nations during the event, what yet again proved to me that people can be helpful and generous. Here I only want to highlight and thank for the magnanimous help of our Polish friends in solving a sudden problem just before the start. I have my report on the event uploaded on Naviga website, it can be found under the link .
The rest of the season went by checking and repairing some of the limiters were used at the EC and of course starting the preparations for the next year, finding host country for the next WC. As a result of this latter job, we already have agreed with the Slovakian Federation as the organiser of Naviga Section M World Championship 2023. Place and time was pointed, The event has been announced on Naviga website. The WC will be held in Kurinec – Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia, from 3-10 August 2023. Meanwhile several proposals have been arrived to make changes in Section Rules, that we will discuss and vote about at the place of the WC, as usual.

Csaba Dánielfy
Section leader


Dear Naviga Members, dear Presidium,

In the year 2022, in addition to the Corona virus, we encountered a new
horror, the war in Europe.
This year, we planned the European Championship in Mályi, Hungary, in
the NS section. Unfortunately, many believed that Mályi was very close
to the war zones and were therefore afraid to enter the competition.
Others have said that without Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, the EC will
not be real. This led to the fact that before the application deadline,
only three competitors from one nation, in addition to the Hungarian
competitors, entered. The sponsors also withdrew after hearing this
news, so the organizers had no choice but to withdraw from the event. At
the same time as the European Championship, I also planned a referee
training. The advantage of this would have been that the judges could
have studied work on the spot. Unfortunately, due to the above reasons,
this event also had to be postponed. From the middle of the year, I
tried to contact the national associations to see who would undertake to
organize the World Championship due in 2023. No country has applied yet.
Unfortunately, the reasons are still the same. Without the participation
of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and China, it is difficult to imagine a
sufficient number of nations and competitors to award the world
championship titles. Holding the World Cup in 2024 seems more realistic.
By 2024, a Hungarian club would undertake to host the World Cup. In
2023, we will probably only be able to hold international cups. In
February 2023, I am planning a training for judges, but in online form
(Teams or Zoom).

Janos Kornis
section leader


Cash report 2022

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