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Hello all,

By popular demand and to have a direct way to contact the Naviga Presidium i included my personal e mail to my name on the “Presidium page”. That way anyone can contact me directly and if needed i can always forward the question should it be specificly directed at anyone else in te Presidium. Also the list with member countries will be re installed on the Naviga website. Due to the privacy act that has changed this page was removed, but if we just put the flags and names of the member countries without direct contact link attanched, we do not breech the privacy act in any way

Thank you

Walter Geens

Naviga President

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  • Good evening,

    I would like to participate in a World championship event but as far as I know my country (Greece) does not have a national union / federation linked with Naviga. What could I do in this case to participate?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello Mr Massias,

    please write to me through my personal e mail, you can find the adress on the “Presidium” pages on this site

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