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My dear friends,

In regard to situation about the WC Section M in Slovakia 2023 there seems to be some serious misunderstandings concerning the parallel WC in Section E! The plan is to run 2 classes in Section E, which is the newly described E20 class in which both electric FSR-E style boats run together with FSR-V boats equiped with 3.5 cc standard motor. Since those type boats (FSR-V 3.5 Std) will be present and providing there are enough of them we would like to take the opportunity to have them run separately too. Since for manier years now there has not been a World or Continental Championship in Section FSR-V it would be a way to offer that class a chance to obtain a World title but under Section E!! It is not our intention to take 3.5 Std out of the FSR-V Section at all, but given the possibility i think it would be a very nice gesture towards those people who have been trying to get the 3.5 Standard class an official status. As things are now slowly returning to “normal” in China as well, i am sure that the FSR-V Section Leader Mr Yang will do whatever he can to asure a World Championship in Section FSR-V too in the near future!

For 2023 Naviga has planned a European series for FSR-V in which all the FSR-V classes (including 3.5 Std) will run in a series of so far 4 events. Those events have been put on the Naviga calendar and for this purpose only i asked Mr Soeren Kraetzschmar ( Germany) to coördinate this series as European Section Leader. 

I hope this makes things a bit more clear.

Geens Walter

Naviga Prseident

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