New race

Class Endurance 20 Std-

Class FSR-V 3,5 Std.

My dear friends,
hire are the rules of the new class in E section  the E 20 min Std In such classes like FSR-V 3.5 Std will run both as only IC boats and in a mixed class where IC and electric boats will run together.
Also are publish the rules of the FSR-v 3,5 Std .
How you all ready now in Slovakia during the M section WC will have place in parallel the first WC Class E Championship . During this event we will organise  the first international race of the FSR-V 3,5 Std . The class belong to the FSRV section but having this opportunity we will organise this race of the Class FSR-V 3,5 Std
The new invitation will be distributed as soon as possible with the needed details. For more info on Section E rules and regulations please check the Section E discussion board which will be updated shortly.
Razvan Olaianos
Section Leader E class


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  • Hi, can someone provide a bit more details please?
    Is this class to be run on the M track?
    Is it going to be 20 mins heat?
    On top of 3 Ch radio limitation and direct drive are there any other restrictions i.e. hull length, width, min. weight?
    Someone who ran, what is the good starting point in terms of propeller type and size?

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