FSR-V 3.5 standard

After consulting with Mr Yang, the FSR-V Section Leader we find it long overdue that Naviga did not declare the 3.5cc standard class an official class in Naviga. Especially in view of the growing interest in this class we decided to make this class an official Naviga class. The basic principles for this class are quite simple. The use of Nitro methane is forbidden ( Fuel checks will be made in future), gearboxes are also not allowed and only 3 channel radio contol is allowed. Rudder, throttle and main needle adjustment are allowed (no flaps or exhaust-length changing by radio control, these are not allowed).
As of now, in all official Naviga events this class can be run alongside with the excisting classes as an official class too.
Kind regards,
Geens Walter
Naviga President

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