Title rule change in M Section Team races

Dear boat modelers, my friends,

Upon clever suggestion I have asked the Presidium, to make a change in title awarding rule in case of team classes. As you know, the number of teams is limited to 1 team per country, while this number is set to max. 5 racers in other classes. So far title could be given if at least 10 racers were in the race. (General Competition Rules 2.4.3 (2). )
Under the conditions above it means, title can be awarded at a WC, EC or CC only, if at least 9 countries take part with at least 10 paticipants (reigning campion included) in team race, while this number is 5 countries with at least 10 racers in non team classes in case of a WC! 
So I asked the Presidium to change this rule so, it is amended and look like: 
“2.4.3(2) The title of continental master will be awarded if at least 10 competitors are announced in the concerning class. In case of Section M team classes, this number is 5.

The Presidium accepted and approved the change by majority. This rule comes into effect now as temporary rule, until the next General Assembly, where it will be voted and made official or denied by decision of GA.
That means my friends, title can be awarded in team classes at EC 2022 in Bucharest!
I think it is a good news!

Csaba Dánielfy
Section M Leader

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