important info about the AGM

Dear colleagues, 

unfortunately the General Assembly in the form we know cannot take place. The pandemic that has kept us in place in recent years does not weaken but on the contrary, it grows in aggression. That is why we decided to have a General Assembly this year using electronic means of communication, more precisely by email.I will ask you to send your proposals and suggestions for Rule changes or other ideas by e-mail to be discussed and possibly put to the vote, we will also send you the decisions of the presidium, all these will be centralized and put to the vote. You will also receive the number of votes you have in this way. so that there is total transparency. We do however insist that such ideas and/or suggestions be  send in by latest October 17. This way every member country has a chance to study and form an opinion on these matters. After that time we (the Naviga Presidium) will send out a complete overview of all ideas and suggestions, off course including our own ideas to all member countries, in such a form that a simple yes or no can be the answer.

Respectfully Yours,
Daniel Ciosu
Naviga Secretary General

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