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My friends the world over,

On the first day of the new year i have an important anouncement to make. To garantee the continuation of our work, it is essential to get young people involved in judging because let s face it, none of us are getting any younger and we do not want to leave a void when us “oldtimers” are no longer there.

After consulting with the Section Leaders it became clear, that there are people willing to take up the responsibility but are not offered the posibility to do so because of no Judge training courses being organized in their respective countries. The pandemic that struck all of us badly the last year also had a possitive side to it. Work from home became the standard in many fields, and clearly showed that the internet offers great possibilities for video conference talks!

It has always been the intention of this Presidium to work with the modern technology at hand, so our plan is to offer an online training course for future Judges. According to General Competition Rules (page 26 point 6.1 and 6.2) this idea is fully in agreement with the General Competition Rules, so we will make use of that possibility. In the M section the first new Judge has been appointed according to this, but we hope to encourage others to step forward and take on this training course in all of our sections. In a first stage we want to find out who is interested in this and next the respective section Leader will work out a programme  to achieve this goal.

To all those people out there, young and less young, i call out to you. Ensure the future in all of our classes by helping out! Judging is not a privilege, it is a service to all of us!


Walter Geens

Naviga President

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