Membership in Naviga

My dear friends,

By looking at payments from earlier years it came to my attention that certain countries seem to only pay in years where there is a major championship. Off course this cannot be the case, since one is a member or one is not a member. Off course we understand that any country could decide not to be a member nomore, or would want to become a member, but from now on not paying the anual membership fee (which i remind you has even been lowered) means that this country no longer wants to be member of our organisation and will be stricken from the list of member countries.

Obviously at any given time this country can re-aply for membership (there is a procedure for that stipulated in the Naviga statutes). Not being a member nomore also implys that all Judge licenses for that country are no longer valid. Should the country become a member of Naviga again, these International Judge licenses can be requested again, and if accepted they will obtain the B status.


Geens Walter

Naviga President

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