With deep regret  the Naviga Presidium decided to cancel all official events for 2020,but under the current circumstances we just do not have any other option but to do like so . We feel that even if some of the directives imposed by different countries in regard to free movement and gathering of people are lifted, still the threat of a new spread of this horrible virus will exist. Therefore we think that such a decision is the only sensible thing to do right now. Off course we took into consideration all the work and effort that has been done so far in regard to Continental and World Championships planned for 2020, but we simply cannot ignore the massive toll this Corona virus has caused so far and must do all we can to prevent a possible spread of it too.

What and how we shall deal with the events cancelled will off course be discussed with the respective Organizers, and i view of this the Naviga Presidium decided it would not be correct to collect the full membership fee for this year. Details about that are currently being worked out and will be announced  forthwith.

We want to see and meet all of our members safe and sound as soon as possible but for that we must first overcome this crisis.

Walter Geens

Naviga President

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