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Ship modelers from all over the World:

It is with great pride and joy we can announce the future of the FSR class within Naviga. After a long period of non-activity in the FSR class we realized something had to be done in order to keep the class alive. Our main concern was to find someone with the right mind set and ideas to revive the class. After lots of consulting and talking to several people, i think we found this person in Mr Yang Zaijun from China. Mr Yang is currently the secretary general to the CMMA, and in such a person with an enormous experience in managing this task.  It is not Naviga’s intention to fight with IMBRA in order to divide the community even more, but to offer a vaild alternative to those who still want to race FSR under the Naviga flag. In a very near future the plans to this will be presented in detail. I am convinced that Mr Yang will do his outmost best to put Naviga’s FSR section back on the World map and i personally want to wish him all the best in this venture and offer him the coorperation from all of us.

Congratulations Mr Yang Zaijun on your nomination as the new Naviga FSR Section Leader, and welcome abord the Naviga Presidium.

Geens Walter,

Naviga President


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  • How has this worked out so far? Any update?

  • Hi Andy,
    Due to the aftermath of the Worldwide Pandemic and the impossibilty for our Oriental friends to travel to Europe we do now for the time being focus a little more on what is possible. In such we decided to set up a serie of FSR-V races in 2023 which will consist of 4 (possibly more) races in different locations in Europe and trough a system of points make up a Championship.
    Whilst all the details are not fully worked out i will not go into detail as yet but it is only a matter of time till all these details will be published on the Naviga website.
    The very moment when life will have returned to like it was before Covid, we will off course resume with International events on a global scale and this hopefuly with a broad coorporation amongst all organisations in FSR-V.

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