Naviga bank account

My dear friends, ship modelers from all over the world.

These last few weeks, we have been bombarded with questions in regard to the anual membership fee. Up to this very moment, the situation is not fully solved yet. When we took over the Naviga Presidium, Naviga did not even have a bank account no more, for reasons beyond our control.
We were handed over the funds in cash, yes in an envelope! Due to the complexity of the laws on money laundering, opening a new bank account was not as straight forward as we would have hoped and thought. However, after some serious efforts from our Treasurer things are looking good now, and he informed me that soon we will have an operational bank account again.
We are very sorry for the deficiency, but want to assure you all that this situation was not created by us but presented as a bad inheritance to us at the start.
As soon as the situation is normalized, i am sure things will run smooth again.

Best regards, for the Naviga Presidium

Geens Walter

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