New Naviga Presidium

On October 26th of 2019, the Assembly General took place in Oberhausen, Germany. At this AGM there was also elections for the Naviga Presidium, and i am proud to announce you that Naviga has a new Presidium. As of now this following group is the new Presidium:

President : Mr Geens Walter

1st vice President: Mrs Dostalova Zdenka

2nd vice President: Mr Leoniec Jaroslav

Secreatry General: Mr Ciosu Daniel

Tresurer: Mr Stolarek Adrian

The details like the minutes from this meeting will follow very shortly, please be a little patient on the full details and give us a little time to allow us to get settled in in our new functions. Rest assured that from now on, we will keep all important information of whatever happens in Naviga updated as soon as possible.

Many people will have a lot of questions now, but over the next few days all of our ideas and plans will be made public for all to see. We also hope that from now on you will make good use of this information channel, because we intend to use it as the fastest and easiest way to spread every bit of information about Naviga.

Geens Walter

Naviga President

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