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  • Mh, nice homepage but the same content as always. You kicked the last administrator for changes but you dont change anything.

    I am very intersting and tens how the naviga are implement the new GDPR.

    PS: Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
    But no fields have an *, but name and Mail are an required field? Please fix.

  • I was looking for the NAVIGA member countries on the web site with no success.
    How can I reach this information?

    Andras Ree
    Hungarian Association of Modellers

    • Dear Mr Ree,

      Due to the privacy act we are no longer allowed to share such information publicly and thus had to remove that information from the website. However in personal communication trough e mail we can off course provide you with that information.

      Walter Geens
      Naviga President

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