Imbra 2024 calendar

Hello my friends,

Some people may wonder why the IMBRA calendar for 2024 is on the Naviga website, but let me assure you it is the right thing to do. The FSR communitee is not that big and the split which happened several years ago only made that communitee smaller because many people have no interest in “politics” but only want to race their boats. Instead of both sides working completely separate and ignoring eachothers excistence, it would be a lot better is certain people swallowed their pride and tried to understand that we all share the same passion which is to race boats and have as many competitors as possible in competing. We cannot change what has happened in the past which lead to this situation, but instead we should learn from those mistakes and find ways to bring people together again and forget about the past to avoid making such mistakes again! Many countries have membership in both organisations anyway, and for most people it is of no importance who organizes events, as long as they get to race their boats, so let us at least try and let the sun shine on both sides of the street! I hope this can be a first step towards that. So here is the link to the IMBRA calendar:

Geens Walter

Naviga President


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  • Hello,
    I would like to ask why there are few events in Naviga Calendar 2024?


    Ladislav Douša, CZE

  • Hello Mr Dousa,

    Well we can only post events when those details are presented to us, so far the data which are on the calendar are the only ones given to us yet, so…………..?

    Geens Walter

  • Szia , Hoi Walter, the dates of the NAVIGA international competition are also displayed on the IMBRA website ?

  • Hello Istvan,

    when we have dates for FSR-V competition(s) they will be published on the IMBRA website as well i have been informed. But since IMBRA is strictly into IC boats only, no other info will be posted but such. At this moment there are no such dates or info, so…….?

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