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My dear friends

I need  to clarify some aspects concerning the FSR-v 3,5 Std races and the E 20min std races , that will be held  during by the Section E WC championship that will be organise  in parallel with the Section M championship in Slovakia next year .

The FSR-V 3,5 Std will have a dedicated race organise after the rules of the class ,published one the FSR-V sets of rules . The only thinks that are  be different are the following :

1) Due some limitation by the soft used by the lap counting system the maximum nr. of competitors in one group will be limited at 8 .

2) We still want to build and use one M track based on the dimension of  60/30 meters but this is based one approval that we must rich from the auto rites . It is possible that we can’t have this approval and it that case we will use the M classic trak 60/15 meters .

The type of the track will be announced  in the invitation .

I repeat again , we want to offer to  the FSR-V 3,5 Std being one new class the opportunity   to have they one WC race , only under the rules of the FSR-V 3,5 Std .

The E 20 std  race  is one new class in the Section E where the IC boats that fulfil the rules of FSR-V 3,5 Std  and the electric powered boats that fulfil the FSR-E rules will compete together in one 20 min.race . The same conditions like in the  FSR-V 3,5 Std race  , – 8 competitors per group and the possibility of one  smaller track (if the approval will not be given) will also applied .

The sets of rules for the  E 20 std race was published in the previous post .

Razvan Olaianos

Section Leader E class

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