Additional info to World Championship Section M 2023 Slovakia

My dear friends,
I just received comfirmation that next year parallel to the M Section WC in Slovakia we will also run a World Championship in Section E. In such classes like FSR-V 3.5 Std will run both as only IC boats and in a mixed class where IC and electric boats will run together. Given there is enough interest also 1 hour Endurance races will be held. This is possible because there will be an extra “M track” where both Section M and Section E can have races. This off course means that under Section E, the FSR-V 3.5Std will run on the M course of 60 meter by 30 meter! With this extra track i think the desired demo of mini FSR-E should also not be a problem. The new invitation will be distributed as soon as possible with the needed details. For more info on Section E rules and regulations please check the Section E discussion board wich will be updated shortly.
Geens Walter
Naviga President

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