Life long ban

Sometimes we have to be the bearer of bad news too, and emposing a ban on someone is never an easy decision so please allow me to clarify the situation a bit. Certain things far beyond the control of anyone happened at the European Championship class M forced us to take this decision. For this i will just copy the e mail the Presidium sent to the Romanian Federation:

Dear Mr President of the Romanian ship modeling Federation Mr Gabriel Mutu,
After serious consideration the Presidium of Naviga has decided to ban Mr Cuvatov from ever participating in Naviga sanctioned competitions for the following reason:
According to the General Competition Rules point 2.6 and i quote:  2.6: Physical confrontation between participants, between participants and officials or start assistants or visitors leads to an inmediate ban of the area. Charges against the instigator will be made. The praesidium of Naviga will decide on further measures. 
I personaly witnessed how Mr Cuvatov threw a race-ready boat toward Mr Porcoteanu and Mr Olaianos, fortunately he missed the both of them but i immediately told him to leave the area and not to return for the duration of the event.
Add to this that during the competition several cases of how he tried to extort money from Naviga and  the competitors in every way he saw fit became known can only make me decide Mr Cuvatov is nothing more than an ordinary cheater and a thief. The examples are countless how he misused the trust placed in him for personal benefit. To give a simple example, previous set agreements were blatently ignored in ways beyond belief. According to the same Competition Rules it was agreed that the hotel cost of the M Section Leader (M Csaba Danielfy) was to be carried by Naviga and that the Organizer would pay the hotel cost for Mss Marta Danielfy.
Since Mr and Mss Danielfy shared a room and not having any knowledge on how his agreement with the Organizing Federation was made, i still find it very strange that Mr Cuvatov had the nerve to tell the Naviga Tresurer he should pay 750€ when the total real cost for the hotel room was 634,67€.  The correct sum is according to my knowledge of maths 317,33€ and not 750€. On top of that he even charged Mr Thiele and myself more than the real cost of the hotel room was, the hotel was so kind to give me a copy of the invoice for the cost of the rooms which i showed to Ioana at the lake. Parking and camping charges, trying to make a profit even on the expense of the diver who retrieved several sunk models, denying “lunch” to people from the staff unless they payed for it ( and in this i do not even mention the poor quality of the lunch offered) a banket that was a total embarrasement (even left over food from his catering was served at the banket!) lead me to only one conclusion and that is to not ever allow Mr Cuvatov to participate in any Naviga event. All of this is more than enough for us to decide Naviga is not going to pay the sum of 317,33€ to Mr Cuvatov at all.
However i want You, Mr President to fully understand Naviga does not blame anyone else but Mr Cuvatov for all of this. In no way do we feel that the Romanian Federation or anyone of it s members carries any blame for all of this but Mr Cuvatov. We all understand how all of this must leave a bad taste in honest people’s mouth, but rest assured that for all i am concerned the European Championship 2022 in Romania was a very good event in all aspects apart from Mr Cuvatovs involvement. The saying goes that 1 bad apple can ruin the whole basket but I left Romania with fond memories of the Championship and have nothing but praise for those who worked very hard to make this event succesful and the only way for me is to remove that bad apple and prevent it to spoil the rest of the basket!
With the highest regards towards You
Geens Walter
Naviga President

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