Naviga’s position towards current events

Dear friends, ship modellers all over the world
Just like everyone else i am deeply worried and upset about what is happening in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. I would like to make it perfectly clear that Naviga does NOT have a political agenda and does not want to get involved in any conflict by being forced to choose sides, but current messages on social media and in private e mails force us (me)  to take a stand and show how the Naviga Presidium stands towards these events.
Naviga condems any sort of armed conflict and truly believes that such arguments should be resolved by diplomacy and not by guns.
It is out of the question for us that we could even consider having International events in a country that is at war with another member country and in such creating the possible confrontation  of  participants from both sides of the conflict. Apart from the possible troubles that will be imposed by our different governments in regards to travelling to such a country, we feel that the safety of our members is far more important.  Twice so far we (Naviga) had to cancel a planned event in Kaliningrad due to circumstances we all know only too well, but it breaks my heart to have to denounce Naviga’s support yet again but for reasons that could have been avoided if dialogue would have prevailed.
Walter Geens
Naviga President

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