2021 Assembly general meeting minutes

Naviga Assembly General Meeting 2021,

Dear members,

Due to the Covid restrictions imposed on us it was not possible to have an Assembly General Meeting like we did in the past every 2 years, so it was decided to have the AGM in digital form to be able to still reach all of us. A format was set up in which the Naviga Presidium met online on saturday 28 october at 10.00 am, discussed ideas, proposals and letters sent to the Presidium in due time. Needless to say that also since of Covid, very little activity took place over the last 2 years, but nevertheless it is stated in the Naviga statutes that there must be an AGM every 2 years. Normally the Assembly General Meeting takes place in a fysical form, where delegations of the member countries are present and discuss/vote. As this turned out to be impossible, and also due to the temporary reduced membership fee, we decided to award the votes to the respective countries according to the number of classes they payed in the last “normal” year of activity in Naviga, being 2019. Despite Covid, the Presidium even managed to attrackt new members and revive the interest in countries that had gone dormant over the last few years by no longer paying the contribution. The list of our current member countries + the number of votes they can cast is included. Please remember that a quorum of 50%+1 vote is needed in order for the AGM to have statutary power of decisions. Also needed are 2 independent revisors to help verify the voting results. These 2 member country contacts will also receive all the answers and votes before counting. This is very important towards transparancy so the Naviga Presidium counts on at least 2 people to step forward to do this task.

The Presidium has had from the start the ambition to make the daily work of Naviga more transparant and to look for ways to reduce cost where possible. This was done by communicating directly to the member countries by means of digital platforms and create an interaction between Naviga and the member countries. All the information is sent to the members trough e mail and is put on the Naviga website for everyone to see. As for reducing of costs it was deciced to no longer sent the paper version of the Naviga info since such info can easily be provided trough various ways of social media and the Naviga website.
As a further step, right from the start it was decided to reduce the membership fee to 300€ + 100€ per section occupied instead of 400€. The pandemic however forced us straight from the start to reduce that even further to a basic fee of 100€ per country but this on a temporary basis till the situation would return to normality. Some rather unpleassant financial issues we inherited needed fixing which did not make the financial position of Naviga to be very good when this Presidium started it’s work. We don ‘t think this is the time or place to go into details about those issues,but they have been taken care off and as can be seen by the tresurers report Naviga’s financial situation is healthy. As per 01-01-2022 the Naviga membership fee will return to the basic fee of 300€ + 100€ per class occupied with the exception for class E which will be free of charge to all. In 2019 it was decided at the AGM that Naviga does no longer take any percentage of entry fees at a World or Continantal Championship but also no longer pays a grant for such. This situation was evaluated and discussed and it was decided that this seems to us the most profitable way possible towards the Organizer to host a WC or CC.

Once more the matter of membership/ recognition by the International Olympic comittee was brought up and the Presidium would like to conclude this matter once and for all because this has been dragging along for way too long. Back in 2017 the then Secreatry General of Naviga (Mr. Jean Marc Vallee) sent a written letter signed by the President of Naviga (Mr. Matysik) by post to the IOC. After inquiring directly with Mr. Vallee we found out that an answer to this letter was never received! Mr. Vallee sent 2 further reminders to the IOC, both of them were also never answered. Recently the current President (Mr. Geens) sent a new enquiry to the IOC, which is to date still unanswered. To us this seems that the IOC is simply not interested in recognizing Naviga, however 1 last attempt will be made to contact the IOC. An assigned letter will be drafted and sent to the IOC but if this still remains unanswered, i think it is more than time to close this chapter for good.

Proposal to further reduce the cost of a CC or WC by changing the General Competition Rules in regard to the payment(s) toward Judges. ( this is a point where voting must be done, simple yes or no or abstention)
The last version of the General Competition Rules (2016) is very vague and unclear what is concerned the payment(s) towards Judges, so the Presidium discussed this matter and proposes the following for all of you to vote on:
In order to make it financialy more attractive towards any organisation of a World Championship:
A: The organizer beares 50% of the cost of accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the Judge fot the whole period of the Championship: Yes or NO?
B: The organizer beares the full cost of accomodation plus breakfast only for the full duration of the event: Yes or NO?

Needless to say that should the organizer be in such a financial situation they can afford to do more, they can do so. These idea’s are there to make it financially easier.

This matter must be clarified in the General Competition Rules so there are no more discussions about what and how things must be payed by who.
The cost of accomodation and travel of the Naviga Representant (specified in the previous AGM of 2019 can be the Section Leader) is to be carried by Naviga.

I received two letters from our colleagues in Bulgaria and Ukraine discussing several points, points that were discussed at the presidency meeting.

1) letter from E.Genov (Bulgaria)
a) Complaint about not advertising our modelhobby at all (E.Genov did not specified how we should do it?)
a) Complaint about no changes have even been made to the existing regulations, which have been repeatedly proposed in recent years (E.Genov did not specified which ones?)

b) Complaint about no continuity of steps – new section has been announced, and then all talks on this topic were terminated
– the regulation will be published as soon as possible on the site in section E.

c) The Board of BFKS offers to host the World Championship in A/B classes in the period 08 – 14 .08. 22 year in the town of Pazardzhik
-Approved but should have been proposed to the Section Leader who then puts it to the Presidium to approve.

d) The Board of BFKS proposes to host World Championship in class C in 2022 in Bulgaria – the city of Burgas-
– the conclusion after submitting to the vote is that the world championship takes place every two years. So the next one will be in 2023. The vote was 8 against and 1 for and 1 abstention

2) letter from Ukraine

-for both letters an answer will be written to the leaders of the sections that are under discussion.

-the Ukraninan complaint towards Judges will be answered publicly after consulting with the respective Section Leaders

Other discussions were about Janos Kornis ‘proposals and judges’ licenses

letter from Janos Kornis
– I am planning to organize an international NS judge training in Budapest from 29 of April to 1 May.
– There is a candidate to organize the world championship NS in 2022 (no official demand from Mr Zhornik yet)
– NS rulebook proposal
This was discussed and the section leader will discuss it further with the competition organizer.
The location was decided in Kaliningrad.

For Judges license renewal there is a procedure already stated in the Competion Rules so no real need to specify.

People who are interested in becomming Judge in Naviga should be encouraged and assisted in that goal by giving them the chance to learn in the field

Final point: FSR-V Section Leader Mr.Yang explained that due to the current Covid situation it is still impossible for China to travel to any possible Championship outside of China, and he feels that even in 2022 that might be the case , so he focusses for the time being on 2023. China has serious plans to host major event(s) in several Sections and he will provide more in debt information about this in the near future.

Daniel Ciosu
General Secretary

Report Rijeka 2021
cash report 2021

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