Covid 19 and 2021 events

My dear friends,

As we are getting closer to summer some tough decisions need to be made. As the situation is at the moment in regard to the Covid 19 pandemic with still a lot of restrictions the question wether we can or cannot have certain events becomes pressing.

The vaccination programs in our member countries have all started, but not at a pace that allows lifting of restriction in the next few weeks,months. At the rate the vaccination in many countries is at the moment, not enough people will be vaccinated by summer to allow free movement of people and to have mass gatherings or big events. In most countries elderly people are vaccinated first and the vaccination program works in age groups, meaning that young people are the last to be vaccinated. Prognoses ara that in most countries, people under the age of 30 wont be vaccinated till earliest this summer. Some countries are planning on lifting travel bans and allow tourist to travel for holidays, but the conditions in regard to possible quarantine and/or having been vaccinated are not determined yet either.

All these factors leave me no choice but to come to the conclusion mass events like World Championships will not be possible this summer for ALL. Certain countries have already told me they would not be attending such events, and in all fairness a World Championship without the possibilty for ALL countries to attend is not a proper WC either! It would be unfair towards those who are not allowed (by Government of National Federation) to host such an event.

We also do realize the work and time several organisations have put in to organize Championships, some planned events were even postponed from 2020 into 2021, but Naviga does not want that work to go to waste either. We do not want to cancel events or forbid these from happening, but not as an official World or Continental Championship. This means that Naviga withdraws the World Championship status in Class NS and M, planned in Kaliningrad in July and August 2021 to start with and will decide on the planned World Championships in Class C and A/B at a later date. I can assure all of you we did not take this decision light-harted, but the safety and health of all our members is of greater importance to us, so we simply do not see another way but to make this decision. Should somehow the situation improve so well, that by September free, safe travel and stay in those countries will be possible those Championships might still go trough as planned. But in all honesty, we do not see that happening soon yet. By the end of May the decision on those (C and A/B) will be made as well.

I wish i could have brought better news, but unfortunately those are the facts we cannot overlook. At this moment in time there was no other option but to cancel our plans.

Stay safe and healthy my friends, and keep fighting this horrible pandemic so we can meet again without restrictions soon!

Geens Walter

Naviga President

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