NS and M Sections World Championship 2021 in Kaliningrad

Dear NS and M Section racers of the world,

Agreed with NS Section Leader Mr. Janos Kornis, I present you the Invitation to the World Championship of both NS and M Sections in Kaliningrad. Please find them below.
The two events will take place one after the other. This is provisional yet, FSSR as organiser has received the official consent of Government of the Kaliningrad Region with the condition, the covid-19 pandemic settles and holding the event is deemed safe.

Also please be informed, that as of 2021 the e-Visa validity period has been extended to 60 days, and the period of stay in Russia has been extended to16 days.

So let’s hope the best, we’ll see each-other at WC! – Both events have already been put in the Race Calendar.


Csaba Danielfy

M Section Leader

Invitation WC NS-2021 Kaliningrad-eng Invitation WC M-2021 Kaliningrad-eng (updated 02/02/2021) 

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