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Hello my friends,

For quite a while  the idea of having an Endurance class has been discussed and now we are proud to announce that we will start up such a class. This new to be formed class will allow both M class and FSR-V class, and by extension hibryd boats to merge and have long, multiple hour races in teams. Meaning this class will be open to both electric and ic powered boats and will run in endurance races, such as 6 hour races. 

Class specific Rules are under construction, but the basic idea was/is to use material that is already there, we do not want to create a class that needs a big investment in material or specific material, so in theory everyone who runs M or FSR-V class could participate in these events without much of an investment. The plan is to offer longer duration races, which seem to be liked by many of us but at no extra expense, or at least a reasonabe one.

The person who will lead this class will be Razvan Olaianos (Roumania) who off course is not an unknow person in both classes, and as i am sure will do his outmost best to make this a succes.

More news will be available shortly, but i felt it needed to share a bit of possitive news in these hard times in wich we do not know what the future has in petto for us!

Stay safe and healthy my friends!

Best regards,

Walter Geens

Naviga President


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  • Sehr geehrter Geens,
    gibt es mittlerweile schon genaueres zu dem angekündigten Projekt .

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Sören Krätzschmar

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