Membership fee reduction for 2020

Boom 7 november 2019

To all member countries of Naviga,

One of the goals of this new Presidium is to attract more people to (re)join Naviga. One thing that often heard is that the annual membership fee is too high. We have looked into the not that favorable financial heritage left to us, and looked for possibilities to lower that fee and came to the conclusion that in a first step, we would lower the annual entry fee for membership to 300€ instead of the 400€ it is now. We do realize that is not a lot, but under the given circumstances with the weak financial situation Naviga is in, we think it is a first step in the right direction.
At the end of 2020, or after 1 full working year, we can then revise the financial situation once more and see if a further reduction is possible.
We hope you will understand our situation too, and look upon this as a show of good faith from our part.
Another matter is how to improve the financial situation as to hosting a Continental or World Championship, as it was decided at the Assembly General our goal is to make it financially more attractive to host such an event by cancelling  the respective 10% or 30% of entry fees due to Naviga and donating a grant of respectively 1000€/ 2000€. We think that this is a situation in which the right hand gives money but the left hand takes away, so not correct. Our idea towards this is that Naviga does no longer take that percentage, but will still support by a grant of 1000€ for a World Championship.

Geens Walter
Naviga president

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