From the 1 first of September 2019 , the General Secretary resignation is confirmed by myself.

My Reason is after 8 Years to do this job , i understood that the world organisation was not sponsorable for our interest sport member ( every member pays for that ) but it is just a commercial organisation with a german interest dilued through of its austrian seat at Wien.

Every member (Country) pays for that each year (400€+ 100€ by class°) ;and the participants still pay to participate to this Championship and what does Naviga in this organization work , as every time , nothing? 

Just to obtain a world Championship all every two years 

the organizer makes all and in final, where goes the money of its WC work, it goes to Naviga.

I mean, it is not normal.

And i prefer to stop my explanation  now. i keep for me , a lot of others trues…..

Mr Jean-Marc Vallée  Ex General Secretary


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  • Hello.

    I am not surprised at this decision since Mr VALLEE is a member of the steering committee of the FFMN, which is notoriously under the orders of Mr COSTA, who does not appreciate Naviga (euphemism) and has, for a long time, migrated to another organization (IMBRA) entirely devoted to the only discipline that interests him, the racers with internal combustion engines.

    I would not be surprised that soon a new organization like IMBRA devolves to electric racers.

  • Small clarification to explain the last sentence of my previous message :
    Mr Jean-Marc Vallée practices electric racers (M class).

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