A/B classes European Championship 2016 once again took place in Pazarjic , Bulgaria on 01 – 07.08 2016.

Taking into account the fact that the last three World and European championships continuously took place in Pazarjic it can be called the ” capital” for A/B classes by right. It is justified because a splendid pool specially for A/B classes has been built there (as well as in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria), and what is more important the organizers including municipal authorities having limited finances did their best to provide most comfortable conditions for all the participants and to arrange the championships at the highest level possible according to NAVIGA requirements. Before the beginning of the championship a technical conference was held on 02.08.2016 where amongst other general issues a beneficial result of resolution (in A/B classes a team of each country can present up to 10 participants for each class) agreed by NAVIGA and adopted last year was mentioned.Particularly, for B-1 class Bulgaria presented 10 participants! A vivid discussion was caused by an original novelty from aGerman sportsman mr. Thomas Keul regarding a self-controlled autonomous system for optimal fuel supply to the motor during movement of the model. It was first tested in Pazarjic.Particularly, explanations/clarifications were required concerning the legitimacy of application of such a system and conformity with the requirements of the Rules of A/B classes. Chief Judge of the championship mr. Stuart Robinson, panel judges took an active part in the discussion and confirmed that the novelty does not contradict NAVIGA Rules. It was accepted by the representatives of participant countries. The leader of A/B section Hrachya Shahazizyan in his closing speech also confirmed legitimacy of application based on system’s autonomy (during movement of the model the sportsman cannot intervene into the motor adjustment ). He pointed out that mr. Thomas Keul’ s novelty and in general all creative approaches of the kind must be welcomed and congratulated since they contribute to not only improving sports results but also to scientific-technical and general development in A/B classes. It should be particularly valued by all of us. Mr. Dimitar Ganchev – the organizer of the championship – introduced financial difficulties connected with preparation and realization of the championship and required financial assistance in future. In the opening ceremony of European championship the following persons took a part: mr. Dmitar Ganchev, mrs. Gergana Tabakova – municipality representative, Chief Judge Stuart Robinson, Hrachya Shahazizyan – NAVIGA representative, who handed diplomas to the record holders for the records set last year. The championship was realized at a very high level and in a warm friendly atmosphere. Four world records have been set: two senior – Rashid Chabibulin, Russia, A-1 class, 213,777 km/h speed, Babken Shahazizyan, Armenia, B-1 class, 283,019 km/h speed, and two junior – Johannes Keul, Germany, B-1 class , 251,046 km/h speed, Anton Blinov, Russia, A-1 class, 184,805 km/h speed. Panel judges headed by Chief Judge Stuart Robinson as always carried out the whole championship at a high professional level. I want to congratulate and thank all those who contributed and ensured the championship: mr. Dimitar Ganchev and his entire team for their tremendous and dedicated work; all panel of judges composed of Chief Judge Stuart Robinson, Chief Secretary Heather Robinson, Pontoon Judge Svetomir Sandev, judges Altemir Vodenichanov, Toma Chernov, Alexandra Tsikhovich who despite unbearable hot weather fulfilled their hard work very vigilantly and perfectly. We express our special gratitude to mr. Todor Popovich – Mayor of Pazarjic – for his particular attention and assistance in preparing sports base and organizing European championship. And finally we thank all the participants who selflessly fought for high results and victories thus making European A/B classes 19th Championship more interesting and entertaining. The leader NAVIGA A/B section Hrachya Shahazizyan

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