Report of A/B World Championship 2019. Pazardzhik/Bulgaria

World Championship A / B classes took place from 07/29/2018 to 08/04/2019 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.
The championship was attended by representatives of all countries registered in the NAVIGA A/B section, and this year their number increased due to the team of Belarus led by eminent athlete Igor Borisov.
At the championship 108 models were presented.
Prior to the opening of the championship on July 30, 2019 a technical conference was held at the beginning of which the leader of the A/B section asked and invited the participants to voluntarily provide humane assistance to the long-term organizer and Technical Director of the World and European Championships held in Pazardzhik, Mr. Dimitar Ganchev, for the treatment of which urgent surgery is necessary in the Turkish blade. Representatives of all teams unanimously, as far as possible, responded to this proposal!
It would be nice if the representatives of other sections of the NAVIGA would take part in this humane action!
After the technical conference, a meeting of the panel of judges was held.
Despite the hot weather, the championship was held at a high sports level, and 4 world records were set – 2 juniors and 2 seniors.
It should be noted that along with the unbearable heat, everyone worked with great dedication and used every opportunity for intensive training to achieve high sports results.
Competitions were held in a friendly atmosphere without protests.
The panel of judges led by the chief referee Svetlomira Sandeva held the championship with high professionalism and objectivity.
During the championship, proposals for introducing some changes to the rules, which will be made by the section leader and submitted to NAVIGA for approval, were discussed.
During the closing ceremony of the championship, in addition to medals and diplomas, the winners in the corresponding classes were awarded the personalized cups “Georgi Mirs”, “Genadi Trukhan”, “Filipp Stefanov”, “Vladislav Subotin”, “For the sake of Radev”, “Konstantin Pacchkoria”, which has already become good tradition.
In his closing speech, the leader of the A/B section of NAVIGA expressed gratitude to the Mayor of Pazarzhek, Mr. Popov, for the support provided to the World Championship, the Technical Director and the organizer of the championship Mr. Dimitar Ganchev, who every year with great enthusiasm does everything to conduct championships at a high level, to the representatives of the Bulgarian Federation of Models of Sports, the panel of judges headed by the head judge Svetlomir Sandev, senior judge Sergey Demidenko, executive secretary Larisa Paskhalova, judges Altemir Vodenicharova, Asen Arsenov, Tom Chernov for their objective and dedicated work and to all participants for their love, for their aspiration and for an honest sports fight!
A/B section leader of NAVIGA
Hrachya shahazizyan

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