what is the naviga

NAVIGA is a world wide Organisation for everybody practising model ship sport in all its forms.

The object of NAVIGA is the support and dissemination of shipmodelsport and to build up friendly connections with all people practising this sport excluding racial, confessional and political discrimination.

NAVIGA is divided in sections. At the moment 6 sections exist .

  • Section for scale models (not navigating) C
  • Section for model racing boats FSR
  • Section for motor models M
  • Section for radio controlled yachts  S
  • Section for scale navigating boats NS
  • Section for A/B 

Membership is in the sections. In every section only one federation of a country can be member. A federation may be member of only one section or of many. Only federations will be accepted as members. In cases when no federation exists in a country, also a club could become member, but never single persons. Membership of clubs must be accepted by the general assembly. Application for membership shall be sent to the general secretary. The membership then will be provisional till the next general assembly.

NAVIGA organises every two years World Championships in every section alternatively with eventually Continental Championships, if there is any interest.

NAVIGA publihes rules for all the classes in the sections to be used in contests. Those publications might be bought by everybody. Normally, member organisation get 1 example of new rules free of costs, if they were not published in the NAVIGA lnfo. Those rules are written in one of the official languages of NAVIGA.

Every member organisation gets a NAVIGA info free of costs all three months to inform all members about important decisions, changes in rules or results of championships.

Every two years a general assembly takes place with a vote of the presidium every four years. The section leaders are elected form the members of the section on a section meeting during the World Championships of the relevant section.

The fee consists of the basic fee € 250.- and a section fee for every attended section € 50.- at the moment). The fee for a new member has to be paid for 2 years in advance, the second year no fee is due.